Combination [noun]

Definition of Combination:

mixture, blend

Synonyms of Combination:

Opposite/Antonyms of Combination:

Sentence/Example of Combination:

The waxing and waning of the infections every year is a combination of the potential for transmission at different times combined with how many susceptible people there are in the population.

“All pain experiences are a combination of physical and emotional responses,” Robertson says.

“The combination of these problems doomed the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines flights,” the report said.

A particular combination of atoms will always react with other chemicals in the same way.

To create a more visually engaging setting for Disrupt’s programming, TechCrunch created a 3D rendering of the Moscone Center using a combination of green screens, real sets and video call-ins from guests.

Jane’s ability to think strategically and also operate a business are a unique combination that will serve our company well.

Google also talks about the convenience of RSAs, the fact that they can show more text than ETAs and their opportunity to compete in more auctions when there are high quality score combinations of copy that match more queries.

This heavy-duty rack from Simple Houseware is the ultimate storage solution for large quantities of clothing thanks to its unique combination of raw industrial style and ease of mobility.

Each user receives signals from a unique combination of channels that ensures they all share at least one channel with every other user.

The combination of Walmart and Microsoft would represent two companies going up against a common enemy, said Tom Keiser, CEO of Hootsuite, a tool that helps people manage their social media.