Consolidation [noun]

Definition of Consolidation:

combination, fortification

Synonyms of Consolidation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Consolidation:

Sentence/Example of Consolidation:

I see Brazil carving its own path down the middle, because you do have these pressures from this federal government of data grabbing, of consolidation of data and of increasing surveillance.

Meanwhile, the Fed’s policy of keeping interest rates at rock bottom fuels consolidation, since big businesses can pick off competitors, making it harder for the little guys to compete.

In South Carolina, polling-place consolidation and new, untrained poll workers apparently led to some voters being given the wrong ballots.

It’s the biggest consolidation in the solar industry’s history, posing a threat to Tesla, the number-two competitor for rooftop panels.

Side by side with tribal and national consolidation went on the growth in leadership.

After the consolidation a house of three stories in a good neighborhood was rented, and devoted entirely to the use of the club.

A man's acts and opinions are interesting in proportion to the degree of consolidation attained by his individuality.

The process of Prussian consolidation begun three years before was thus hastened.

His credit was further strengthened in the same session by his bill for the consolidation of the customs and excise.

James is to have his proxies and to arrange the consolidation.