Incorporation [noun]

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The Shawn Mendes bowl is not pretending to have emerged as “organically” in the marketing sense, but more in the food sense, given its incorporation of Chipotle’s recently introduced cauliflower rice.

“This might be setting up that bone for its eventual incorporation into the hearing mechanism of these early tetrapods,” Lemberg says.

The linchpin is digital transformation—the incorporation of modern technologies into an organization’s processes or strategies to achieve business goals.

Making responsibility in society a duty in corporate law will reestablish the legitimacy of incorporation.

The place was used as a lock-up for some time after the incorporation, and the old irons were kept on show for years.

There ought to be complete incorporation, if such incorporation be possible.

Johnnie Bones prepared the papers for the incorporation of the new railroad, and the organization was perfected.

The Act of Incorporation empowered the detectors to take and to administer to their servants an oath of fidelity.

It arose out of the treaty of 1814 for the incorporation of the Belgian provinces with Holland.

It would be better to give them all charters of incorporation; but still he would make that permissive.