Dispersal [noun]

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To this end, the federal government pursued a policy of dispersal.

The tension of dispersal is grinding us down at home, too, despite high initial enthusiasm.

The new study provides good evidence that such egg dispersal “may be more common than we thought,” Silva says.

“This cloud, in fact, changes everything about the dispersal of the drops that you don’t really see,” she says.

With the dispersal of the spores the cone shrivels up, and then the stems starts to send out green branches.

Large stable rivers such as the Colorado, Snake and Columbia serve as effective barriers to further dispersal of kangaroo rats.

It seems that the Rio Grande serves as a barrier to the dispersal southward of kangaroo rats from the north side and vice versa.

Then comes the chaos of dispersal—the broken fragments of the intelligible a watchful ear may pick out.

His collection, with its long train of legends and associations, came to what he himself must have counted as dispersal.

Beal's admirably written and illustrated little book on "Seed Dispersal."