Scattering [adjective]

Definition of Scattering:


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Sentence/Example of Scattering:

Scattering it in tenements and residential districts has been very unfortunate.

Scattering flowers upon a cesspool of iniquity will not purify it.

Scattering the wind in their wild rush, the animals take flight.

Scattering in various directions we ragged about until tea-time.

Scattering quickly, and under the cover of the different houses, he advanced within a very short distance of the fort.

Scattering a meager ration of corn, Mrs. Peabody went into the hen house and reappeared presently with a basket filled with eggs.

Scattering good seed seemed to be her mission, and many a good word dropped into fruitful soil, and took its time to bring forth.

Scattering the foam at their bows, the two boats rushed along the blue lane of clear water which lay between the booms.

Scattering the sheep that flecked the velvet turf of the uplands, they stood at length on the granite crown of the crest itself.

Scattering towns all through the district reported one to two deaths.