Some [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Some:

He was like a fly condemned to spend his life in the irk-some society of the spider.

He also thanked him for his good service, and told him to choose some-one of his possessions, for he would get whatever he wanted.

We had in our box the hand-some ambassador and late tutor of the Mahararana of Oodeypore.

They were twenty small red demons rather like Billy, and the same number of tiny skeletons, all with waggle-some hands and feet.

Wed all be subjected to a force of twenty-some gravities for a period of several seconds.

His brain had been uncommonly stimulated in the past twenty-some hours.

Sus-sus-sounded to me like sus-sus-some one dying, he chattered.

His pay was a doub-loon a day, and some-times six pis-toles.

He had a small signal-rocket mounted on the far side of that crater,—twenty-some miles.

What if some-day ye do indeed abstract our census, and marshal us into helpless minority.