Any [determiner]

Definition of Any:

one, some; unspecified, indiscriminate

Synonyms of Any:

Opposite/Antonyms of Any:


Sentence/Example of Any:

For he's the soul of honor, Thyrsis; and he can't help how he feels about me-any more than I can help it.

I appeal to yourself, Madam, whether these sublime notions have-any thing consoling in them?

They take their coats off anywhere and any-when, and somehow it strikes the visitor as the most symbolic thing about them.

Hyphens are sometimes used in cases like the following: "A never-to-be-forgotten event," "peace-at-any-rate principles."

On the fall of Richmond, and the surrender of Lee, this any-how impracticable scheme was necessarily abandoned.

Page 103: "any-rate" changed to "anyrate"         Page 138: "spellbound" changed to "spell-bound"

I can't think of a paper nor of a man who has a good word to say for us—except, perhaps, a few Quaker peace-at-any-price people.

Peace-at-any-price men would have a hard bargain in him as their candidate.

My ducks are, in consequence of this, a great deal more fine and delicate than any others that I know any-thing of.

They are never good for any-thing when they have attained their full growth, unless they be capons or poullards.