Cull [verb]

Definition of Cull:

pick out for reason

Synonyms of Cull:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cull:

Sentence/Example of Cull:

In March 2020 it was one of the first countries in Europe to institute a lockdown to try to contain the virus, and in November it was quick to order a cull of farmed minks when a new variant spotted in the animals was linked to 12 cases in humans.

A cull hunt is often ruled out of the question due to human population densities, so game managers have employed many different tactics with varying degrees of success.

Denmark will dig up millions of dead mink after a hasty cull and burial intended to stamp out a coronavirus mutation ended with the rotting carcasses triggering a new contamination risk.

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, the head of the biggest opposition party, the Liberals, told broadcaster TV2 he won’t back the government’s proposal for a mass cull here and now.

They are goin' to skid the butt log again, and they swear that if you cull it again, they will kill you.

He would doubtless have pressed bologna now on Tod McNeil had that social cull stayed by.

There we cull the flowers of the field and the forest glade, weaving them into garlands, building them into nosegays.

The items we cull relate to a trade once very general in the United States, but happily now a thing of the past.

Let no man say that these were simply oranges, for these a man may cull in many a Greek garden to-day.

Stand back, I cried, or you will cull no more simples this side of hell!