Sift [verb]

Definition of Sift:

take out residue; remove impurities

Synonyms of Sift:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sift:

Sentence/Example of Sift:

Sift the baking powder and spices with the flour and add these.

Pour in the milk and sift the dry ingredients into this mixture.

Mix and sift the dry ingredients and stir these into the mixture.

Having resolved to sift and examine the entire heap, I at once set about my task.

Sift two pounds of flour into a pan, and add a salt-spoon of salt.

Sift half a pound of flour, and powder a pound of loaf-sugar.

Beat and sift a pound and a quarter of double-refined sugar; grate the rind of two large lemons, and mix it well with the sugar.

When you sift out the whole situation that is about all left to any of us here in the desert.

He went on trying to sift his distastes and revulsions from what he wanted to do for Esther.

It is almost impossible to sift the truth from these reports.