Pan [noun]

Definition of Pan:

container for cooking food

Synonyms of Pan:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pan:


Sentence/Example of Pan:

In the bottom of the pan is a rack upon which the meat may rest.

Add the flavoring, turn into a pan, and bake for about 40 minutes.

When and how is sponge cake taken from the pan in which it is baked?

What may be said of the selection of a pan for cooking candy?

The strange treachery at Maizar in June was a flash in the pan.

When they are about half done put the onions and parsley into the pan.

Put the oysters into a sieve, and set it on a pan to drain the liquor from them.

Set the pan on hot coals, and simmer them gently about five minutes.

Cover the pan closely, and let it stew till the kidney is tender.

Put some lard into a pan, and when it is boiling hot, fry the crabs in it.