Vessel [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vessel:

If he had been picked up by any vessel I suppose he would have written.

He was already a mile distant from the vessel when Captain Haley came on deck.

Bates touched his hat, for he judged this was the captain of the vessel he had seen.

Made at once for the vessel, and, on reaching her, found all well and glad to see us.

The vessel might hold together till morning, but who could tell?

Two ropes were then hauled on board the vessel, a larger and a smaller.

The apparatus and its weights are arranged in the interior of the vessel.

"You first, professor," said Yates; and Tim innocently offered him the vessel.

Theseus asked of the master of the vessel, who was now at leisure to answer him.

At the first ringing note of the music, they felt the vessel stir.