Bark [noun]

Definition of Bark:

plant covering

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Sentence/Example of Bark:

This song is specifically for the underdogs whose bark is as big as their bite and want to prove they’re number one on the block.

Pine needles and conesThis common needle-bearing tree can provide tea and an edible inner bark.

Low-severity embers can ramp up a tree’s response such that it’s better equipped to fight back bark beetles, native parasites than can devastate entire stands of conifers when the trees are already weakened by forces like drought.

Prior to a jumping worm invasion, the soft layer of decomposing leaves, bark and sticks covering the forest floor might be more than a dozen centimeters thick.

Cotton balls, drier lint, curls of birch bark, and even greasy snack chips can turn the small flame of a match into the roaring flame of a campfire.

It embeds structured knowledge about dogs partially grounded in perceptual experience, including the knowledge that dogs have four legs, eat meat, and bark—all things you probably observed.

A primitive savage makes a bow and arrow in a day: it takes him a fortnight to make a bark canoe.

As I came near the house, the dogs began to bark, just as I discovered my horse tied to a tree.

Suddenly the spaniel leapt up with that feverish, spider-like activity of the toy species and began to bark.

The dog gave a short bark, and looked to the front, as if to say, "Look out—trouble ahead."