Crust [noun]

Definition of Crust:

stiff outer layer; coating

Synonyms of Crust:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crust:

Sentence/Example of Crust:

Some of the carbon eventually returns to the surface, via erupting volcanoes or as diamonds, while some gets sequestered away in the deep crust or upper mantle.

It can cut through thick, thin, and deep-dish crusts with ease while being gentle on your wrist.

That is what lies beyond the outer crust of Kate Raworth’s doughnut.

The study highlights how seismologists are increasingly acknowledging the importance of fluids in the crust, Shelly says.

In the first scenario, the flare of energy remains anchored to the crust of the star via magnetic field lines.

Searing the raw meat first wastes energy on drying out its moist surface to produce the brown crust.

A very little crust thrown to the very hungry is always accepted with gratitude.

To demonstrate them, a crust or a hair from the affected area is softened with a few drops of 20 per cent.

A crust of bread and clear air are far preferable to luxuries enveloped in clouds of smoke and heaps of filth.

These layers form what is termed the crust of the earth, and are altogether several miles in thickness.