Caking [noun]

Definition of Caking:

stiff outer layer; coating

Synonyms of Caking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Caking:

Sentence/Example of Caking:

In a winter gale, with ice caking on her, he would have viewed their situation in different light.

Of course they were muddy, but I remember beneath the caking of the clay that they were of new leather.

The caking property is best developed in coals low in oxygen with 25 to 30% of volatile matters.

The property of caking or yielding a coherent coke is usually absent, and the ash is often very high.

A sort of scale or caking in long, long time grows over original feelings.

So coking coals are rendered dry, non-caking, and valueless for this purpose by long exposure.

A caking of dust on the torso of his jacket showed where the blood had oozed from a bullet wound in the chest, and quickly dried.

There are two varieties of cubical coal; the open-burning and the caking.

Joe was watersoaked to the skin, and mud was caking on his clothes.

We must also be sure that the soil is frequently stirred to avoid caking.