Band [noun]

Definition of Band:

something which encircles

Synonyms of Band:

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Sentence/Example of Band:

The Solo bands are available as an option on the new Series 6 models or for purchase separately, at $50 for the rubber version and $100 for the braided band.

One way to explain the difference is that the zones of wide dark bands indicate torpor, and animals with milder winters didn’t need to enter that state.

It’s more like a jazz band, one where all the musicians know the rules and how to play, but nothing is scripted or planned.

There is always a mix of music with a live band and a DJ, a full open bar, creative catering, and photo booths, plus an afterparty.

An online concert held by the band in June was the world’s biggest paid online music event, drawing more than 750,000 viewers, the Yonhap News Agency reported.

A band I played with had been scheduled to perform at a Battle of the Bands event, but we had to cancel due to van troubles.

You can find it on iTunes and Spotify under my previous band name, Heart Harbor.

The band costs just $99, but it will likely enjoy the regular cycle of deep price cuts that Amazon typically employs in order to bring people into its infrastructure of services.

The upshot is that blanket licensing has made it easy for everyone from cover bands to juke box operators to restaurants to play music in public.

My only qualm is it’s kind of a pain to change out the band, so you should pick one you really like.