Ribbon [noun]

Definition of Ribbon:

narrow strip of material

Synonyms of Ribbon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ribbon:


Sentence/Example of Ribbon:

History is a ribbon, always unfurling; history is a journey.

She had a ribbon in her long, glossy hair, and her face shone pleasantly with soap.

He rolled the ribbon up tightly, and then tossed it lightly toward her face.

It was a white lamb, decorated from ears to tail with knots of ribbon and with flowers.

According to him, none but soldiers had a right to the ribbon.

He had obtained the ribbon of the Legion of Honour for his father.

The multi-coloured cockades or the bows of ribbon in one shade?

Her hair is not done up, but tied back with a piece of ribbon.

Home with her ribbon and then over to the hospital sped Polly.

“I had it,” her mother smiled, tying a ribbon to hold the bright curls.