Prize [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Prize:

The prize was bestowed on him who ran the course without extinguishing his torch.

I would rather gain one prize from the Choragus, than ten from the Gymnasiarch.

Rather gain one prize from the Choragus than ten from the Gymnasiarch.

I have been deeply puzzled and much perturbed over this prize contest.

Tibbets and Wilson had gone with their old prize, and anything but a prize did she prove to me.

Even more, sir, I prize the hope that Daisy will share it with me--as my wife!

Morella has cast me off, and I hate him, and wish to escape from him and rob him of his prize.

Steve exclaimed, in a chagrined voice, as he stared at his prize.

How are we going to prize things if nobody tells us anything about them?

They were all eager to claim the prize, but only three persisted.