Cream [noun]

Definition of Cream:

lotion, oil

Synonyms of Cream:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cream:


Sentence/Example of Cream:

Barnard won in 2019 with his maple pecan porridge, a mix of pecan butter, maple syrup, dry milk powder, and cream, all topped with pecans sauteed in ghee.

It would be like…if I say I’m going to buy you some ice cream and I’ll bring it to you, you have to be prepared to either eat it right then or store it somewhere because it’s not going to last.

So for example, at the start of the pandemic, you know, people were receiving WhatsApp health advice that was telling them to avoid ice cream and meat.

It also has a vibrant restaurant scene featuring comfort food eateries, barbecue restaurants, gastropubs and several popular ice-cream shops.

The first 5,000 members to sign up will receive samples of anti-aging cream from the launch partner, beauty brand StriVectin.

It’s much of what makes butter, cream and bacon so delicious.

Sure enough, the EEGs picked up a signal when the participants tasted cream, one that was much smaller for whole milk, and missing for skim milk.

Because the skim and whole milk were runnier than cream, she added a tasteless additive.

In this case, Andersen could use the EEG cap to see if there was a signaling difference when people tasted skim milk, whole milk or cream.

Summer in North America means the arrival of warm weather, family vacations, ice cream and hurricane season.