Unction [noun]

Definition of Unction:


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Sentence/Example of Unction:

Mr Pancks answered, with an unction which there is no language to convey, 'We rather think so.'

Juve pronounced these words with unction, in a solemn voice.

If she should be able, after receiving absolution and the unction, she—she may see you, monsignor.

The others found an unction in my words, and that they operated in them what I said.

"Well, you boys listen to this," and the postmaster read the item with unction.

With what unction the word "men" rolled from Rosalie's tongue.

For the third time he laughed to himself with depth and unction.

No one else can do it with the feeling and unction natural to parents.

Even the Cameronians agreed that there was “unction” in the Doctor.

He adjured Pixie repeatedly, and with unction, to “Buck up!”