Lotion [noun]

Definition of Lotion:

creamy solution

Synonyms of Lotion:

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Sentence/Example of Lotion:

Growing interest in skincare and self-care—along with the closure of many salons and spas—has meant significant increases in sales of soaps, lotions, fragrances, hair appliances, candles, and other beauty products.

Having hand lotion readily available at all times will make things easier.

Using shaving lotion or electric pre-shave lotion will get you closer to the skin, while diligent cleaning of the machine and keeping it fully charged to ensure maximum power when in use will help decrease the length of residual stubble.

So if you’re already lathering up those rosy cheeks once or twice a day as part of your skincare routine, make sure you apply a moisturizer made for your skin type afterward—heavier creams for dry skin, lighter gel-based lotions for oily skin.

So, this firm may know that demand for lotion just naturally happens to be higher during winter months.

Those who have long hair are to brush it till the skin beneath becomes red, when a lotion is to be applied, as here specified.

No, it won't, not of itself; but I have got a capital lotion for bruises, and I shall bathe it for you.

It is most frequently employed externally, under the form of a plaster, ointment, or lotion.

He bathed the wound with a lotion, replaced the bandages, and then wandered restlessly about the room.

He gave me no medicine, except some digestive pills four days ago, and a lotion for my ears.