Wash [noun]

Definition of Wash:

laundry, bath

Synonyms of Wash:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wash:


Sentence/Example of Wash:

Then it's settled that you do the cooking and I wash the dishes?

He has the sense to wash his face first, for he knows he will have to come.

When you come out, we'll settle who's to cook and who to wash dishes.

Mary, I'll wash the breakfast dishes, as my mother used to do!

You go an' wash your 'ands, an' I'll 'ave your dinner up in 'alf a jiff!

Cover them with water, and wash them clean with a birch broom.

Wash the meat in cold water, and then wipe it dry, and rub it with salt.

Wash it well in warm water, and trim it nicely, taking off all the fat.

Pick them nicely, and wipe them clean, but do not wash them.

Cut them up, wash the pieces, and season them with pepper and salt.