Poor [adjective]

Definition of Poor:

lacking sufficient money

Opposite/Antonyms of Poor:

Sentence/Example of Poor:

Eudora was a mere infant when Phidias bought her of a poor goatherd in Phelle.

Men who take from the poor daily interest for a drachma, and spend it in debauchery.

Ask the poor fisherman at the gates, who has been to him as a brother; and he will answer 'Anaxagoras.'

"He said he was poor," urged Billy, who had been rather taken with the ease of Arledge's manner.

He would not adopt a nameless orphan, found with a poor goatherd of Phelle.

"It is partly for your sake that I wish it, my poor child," said he.

"I am afraid I should make a poor hand at it," said Mrs. Rushton, smiling.

I doubt me whether the poor old hound will brook the journey.

The poor dog heard the tumult, and leapt to your aid, sir, and we made after him.

The poor devil had consumption, too, and probably he'll never see them again.