Beggared [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Beggared:

Beggared but an hour agone, and now you must come and tell me I have lost her by losing house and lands!

Cockayne is Naples in these pages—Naples given over to the lottery, crazed, debauched and beggared by it.

But it was soon mang by her son and his beggared followers, and there was often real misery in that little Court at the Louvre.

I envy not the triumph of those who have troubled the waters; who have laid waste the South, who have beggared her proud people.

He gave away enormous sums in charity, and founded a hospital at Bath, the expenses of which for a time almost beggared him.

And once committed to the course he had chosen, he would have beggared his family rather than stint his hospitality.

Her hospitality is notorious and would long since have beggared anyone with an income less absurd.

He liked Dr. Cameron instantly, though he had come to do a crime that would send him into beggared exile.

Beggared beauty—there's something touching in the very sound!

The toilettes of the two were legion and beggared description.