Penniless [adjective]

Definition of Penniless:

without any money

Opposite/Antonyms of Penniless:

Sentence/Example of Penniless:

Then he was but a penniless, monk-bred lad, unknown and unfriended.

"And you will love her if I leave her penniless," said Gawtrey, abruptly.

Lady Louisa was the only sister of the Marquess, a widow, proud and penniless.

His bride was not only penniless but deeply involved in debt.

If I had only been penniless and had loved and married a man who had all his fighting to do yet!

She was a plain, penniless girl, whom he adored, and who repaid him with happiness.

The failure of the Universal Bank left him penniless, and deep in debt.

Penniless and in debt, Edison arrived again in New York in 1869.

How poorly do we both contrast with the careless, penniless clerk!

If my grandfather was penniless how did he manage to live all those years?