Solvent [adjective]

Definition of Solvent:

financially sound

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Sentence/Example of Solvent:

The machine is now set in motion, and the bulk of the solvent is drawn off.

As already remarked, the solvent is expelled with cold water.

You will scarcely hear of a solvent parish, even if you offer a reward.

Sulphate of quinine is made by the use of sulphuric acid as a solvent.

You are a cashier for her, and a solvent one if she becomes embarrassed.

It is largely used as a solvent and as an anæsthetic in surgery.

They absorb the excess of solvent and thus prevent it from spreading.

In various ways he tends to act as a solvent of such nationalism.

It was unready for war, but war was the only solvent of intolerable troubles.

The solvent power of water makes it so valuable for washing.