Unstable [adjective]

Definition of Unstable:


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Sentence/Example of Unstable:

All his weight was on one foot, and he was in a state of unstable equilibrium.

Yes, indeed, yes; I know she's as unstable as water and as hard to hold as a puff of wind.

Moral standards are as unstable as the shifting sands of the sea.

We can see here very clearly how unstable a thing polytheism is.

They are unstable, improvident, easily discouraged, easily led astray.

It is the essence of all that is bright, imaginative, and fine, but it is as unstable as water.

The easier path lies in the giving way to the unstable emotions.

How expositive is all this of the unstable fashion of Mr. Ruskin's temper and writings!

I am unstable as water; incoherent, inconsistent, a very chameleon!

Black (p. 025) powder was, and is, both dangerous and unstable.