Mobile [adjective]

Definition of Mobile:

movable, travelling

Synonyms of Mobile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mobile:

Sentence/Example of Mobile:

Mobile was a city that was generally quite disdained by impresarii.

The money was handed over to the engine-driver, who sent it off to Mobile.

He had thin, mobile lips, which expressed friendship and curiosity at this moment.

You can't call out an officer; you'll be sent to the water-batteries at Mobile.

On the coast to the west of Mobile, we find islands not worth mentioning.

Though the settlement of Mobile be the oldest, yet it is far from being the most considerable.

The Settlement at Mobile was the first seat of the colony in this province.

The other's mobile face twisted itself in a grimace of incredulity.

It is your genial fellow, with mobile features, that suffers so terribly from age.

The government resolved to repossess New Orleans and Mobile.