Portable [adjective]

Definition of Portable:

easily transported

Synonyms of Portable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Portable:

Sentence/Example of Portable:

The clumsy framework of the receiver was reduced to a neat and portable size.

I tore off the cover, and disclosed an elegant and portable edition of ‘Marmion.’

But we have been led a long way from Kaiser Max and his portable monument.

I'd have to wear the portable G-ray all the time, and that's not so comfortable.

Few invalids are too feeble to whisper at the light, portable ear of metal.

At the time he was wounded he was operating a portable searchlight.

George then took them to the portable television set and turned it on.

The torch has the advantage of being small, light and portable.

She gave large orders for every kind of portable provisions.

Also that the whole appliance should be portable by one man.