Big [adjective]

Definition of Big:

large, great

Opposite/Antonyms of Big:

Sentence/Example of Big:

What we do know, as the report noted, is “the drop-off will be higher for more populated locations like big cities, with smaller reductions for outdoor and less-populated destinations.”

It was a broad-based drop that saw the big tech rally fade and travel and retail stocks tank on reopening worries.

A big thing we are leading the charge on is the … language that’s been used in gaming that has been tolerated.

In essence, clean rooms have enabled the big tech companies to become channel-specific agencies for their advertisers.

Now that the first wave of big announcements is winding down, raceAhead will be turning our attention to the nuts and bolts of the work that must happen in the longer term.

The big room at King's Warren Parsonage was already fairly well filled.

Sol laughed out of his whiskers, with a big, loose-rolling sound, and sat on the porch without waiting to be asked.

There were at least a dozen ladies seated round the big table at the Parsonage.

I pictured him as slim and young looking, smooth-faced, with golden curly hair, and big brown eyes.

Big Reginald took their lives at pool, and pocketed their half-crowns in an easy genial way, which almost made losing a pleasure.