Walloping [adjective]

Definition of Walloping:


Opposite/Antonyms of Walloping:


Sentence/Example of Walloping:

You wouldn't say so if you had seen him walloping me with a hard leather strap.

Then, for the love of Pete, wotcha doin' walloping off'n her like a sack of potatoes?

“It was some walloping, too,” said Old Hundred, with a reminiscent grin.

Just remember the walloping we gave you the last time you were here.

I ain't forgot that hop, skip and jump, walloping Australian tornado!

Such a walloping as you gave me I never had before in my life.

"Well, not since my dad gave me a walloping last," laughed the boy.

What a walloping I'll give him in the morning when it's light!

Before he got to the bottom even the Bird had galloped by, walloping his showy screw.

I was just more than walloping him, when suddenly I remembered the tearful injunctions of Mr. Hopsby.