Downing [verb]

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Thomas Downing, for thirty years, in the city of New York, has been proprietor of one of the leading restaurants.

Mr. Downing has commanded great influence, and much means, and it is said of him that he has made "three fortunes."

Mr. Downing is still very popular, doing a most excellent business, and highly respected throughout New York.

Indeed, you scarcely hear any other establishment of the kind spoken of than Downing's.

But Sir G. Downing would not be answered so: though all the world takes notice of him for a most ungrateful villain for his pains.

She stood near the door, engaged in animated conversation with Mrs. Downing.

What name deserves more grateful mention than that of Downing, that lover of nature and of the art that best interprets her ideal.

When the prime minister got back to Downing Street, he sent immediately for his head whip.

I reached Downing Street and was shown straight into a large, rather bare room.

Mrs. Downing was a well-dressed 129 little woman, with charming manners and an unbounded belief in herself.