Consume [verb]

Definition of Consume:

use up

Opposite/Antonyms of Consume:

Sentence/Example of Consume:

And it shall devour the mountains, and burn the wilderness, and consume all that is green as with fire.

Aristide stood gossiping until the Mayor invited him to take a place at the table and consume liquid refreshment.

She thought the idol would consume them, for bachelor cooking was never intended for bachelor invalids.

The fire also being sent from above to consume mountains, and woods, doth as it is commanded.

I said therefore that I would pour out my indignation upon them in the desert, and would consume them.

It is said that some of the Chinese opium smokers consume from twenty to thirty grains a-day.

On our arrival we learned that the Dukeries trip must be made by carriage and that the fifty miles would consume two days.

The sword hath begun in his cities, and it shall consume his chosen men, and shall devour their heads.

Bankruptcy, hideous bankruptcy was ever present, threatening to consume the wealth and the honour of the nation.

It is a slow process, as a brisk fire would consume the wood without yielding tar.