Expend [verb]

Definition of Expend:

exhaust; spend

Synonyms of Expend:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expend:

Sentence/Example of Expend:

He explains that hunter-gatherers tried to save their energy when they weren’t hunting, so we’re actually hardwired not to expend unnecessary energy.

I had to expend enormous effort to keep myself from freaking out over things most people tune out.

You’re expending more effort, and you get a quarter as far before you get tired in a way sleep doesn’t really help.

Wright also faced pushback from county residents who questioned whether it was ethical to expend energy on something like Bitcoin mining.

We were both to look to Fraser, Trenholm & Co., for all the money we were to expend, as indeed were all the diplomatic agents.

But Peter and Sogrange were both of them too wise to expend any more of their strength in a useless struggle.

Mind that none of my nephews or nieces expend any fraction of their guineas on presents for me.

He was therefore naturally anxious not to expend more than was absolutely necessary in defraying his passage.

Any individual who has time and patience to expend ad libitum, cannot desire a fairer field of exercise than the ‘Bibliotheca.’

He has no surplus force left to expend in elevating mental pursuits, for it has been all exhausted in severe physical labor.