Dispense [verb]

Definition of Dispense:

dole out supply

Synonyms of Dispense:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dispense:

Sentence/Example of Dispense:

With his pipe he would not dispense, and he always took two or three puffs, at least, before undertaking anything.

Divinely precious and infinitely perfect as it is, there is no part of it with which he can dispense.

She belonged to that ultra-modern school which scorns to sue masculine admiration, but which cannot dispense with it nevertheless.

There were very few days during our entire summer's tour when one could dispense with cloaks and overcoats.

At no time in the summer were we able to dispense for any length of time with heavy wraps and robes while on the road.

God willed that the Holy Ghost should dispense his influences for carrying into effect the purposes of mercy.

After two months of uncertainty, the committee decided to dispense with his reply, and invited Rimsky-Korsakov to take his place.

Dispense with ornaments altogether rather than wear mock jewelry.

Yet she managed to dispense with a good deal of waiting, and never would suffer a servant to attend her.

The fruit trees replied: "We can dispense with the rustling to manifest our presence; our fruits testify for us."