Furnish [verb]

Definition of Furnish:

decorate, supply

Synonyms of Furnish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Furnish:

Sentence/Example of Furnish:

Quantitative estimation does not furnish much of definite clinical value.

Probably his Private Secretary, considering you a new man, will have failed to furnish the necessary information.

Another fence: who would furnish that two hundred and fifty dollars and secure him for the remainder?

There are many cases like this in which one's common sense fails to furnish a correct, yet needful guide.

Nor is this the full extent of their misfortunes; for they are required to furnish an account of them besides.

His coming was in the nature of a welcome disturbance; it seemed to furnish a new direction for her emotions.

"I didn't think it worth while to furnish a dining-room," said Isabel as they returned to the lower floor.

My business was to furnish facts concerning the hours of duty of the employees on my own railway and the conditions of their work.

Many churches have installed small dynamos to furnish current for the key action.

Stooping, lest our heads furnish a target, we splashed along in the shallow water till we reached the mouth of the canyon.