Preoccupy [verb]

Definition of Preoccupy:


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Sentence/Example of Preoccupy:

To preoccupy this ground, therefore, seemed an important step.

And certainly he had enough to excite and preoccupy him just now.

We should forget our successes if they cause pride or preoccupy the mind.

Other friends would come in and preoccupy her mind and heart.

We should not preoccupy the audience with our own personality.

A wise woman would not have brought Irene Lauderdale down here, to preoccupy her.

He refers, for proof of his statements, mostly to English documents, and does not try to preoccupy your mind.

The Government should preoccupy itself largely with this matter of assimilation: for the process is not complete.

She expostulated earnestly with him on the folly of allowing money cares and ambitions to preoccupy him.

This emotional fuss in the young human animal was beginning to preoccupy the newspaper world.