Assimilate [verb]

Definition of Assimilate:

absorb mentally

Synonyms of Assimilate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Assimilate:

Sentence/Example of Assimilate:

But the Oriental we can't assimilate, for all our ostrich-like digestion, and what we can't assimilate we won't have.

We assimilate anything white so quickly it is a wonder an immigrant remembers the native way of pronouncing his own name.

At this moment he was in the act of despoiling both ancient and modern philosophy of all their wealth in order to assimilate it.

These gardens are rather like oriental flower-plots, but they assimilate well with the climate.

Poetry is unable, under pain of death or decay, to assimilate itself to morals or science.

I wonder that that force can group the atoms that we breathe, or that we assimilate by nutrition and form this charming being!

As regarded their dealings other than commercial in nature the tendency was to assimilate the tensers and the townsmen.

The type passes in parade, but I assimilate nothing, so I prepare to sleep and be in good shape for the morning.

The first was, that the politics of Major Bridgenorth began, on many points, to assimilate themselves to his own.

It is not because the Negro and the Japanese are so differently constituted that they do not assimilate.