Exclude [verb]

Definition of Exclude:

expel, forbid

Opposite/Antonyms of Exclude:

Sentence/Example of Exclude:

Senate Democrats blocked the bill, which excluded any new stimulus checks and did not include money for rental or nutrition assistance that Pelosi has demanded.

Insurers have many other defenses as well, including policies that specifically exclude paying for pandemic-related losses.

Be sure to check with your insurer to see whether your dog might be excluded from coverage.

As the foundation initially contemplated a revote, the committee pushed back against the foundation’s attempts to revise the award results by striking certain names from the ballot and sending it to a voting committee that excluded previous winners.

That figure excludes how much the company would have spent on social media channels as Kantar doesn’t track social media spending.

Finally, when insurers begin to exclude drugs for a particular disease, R&D for that disease tends to slow.

Mutual aid groups often have a distaste for some of the traditional nonprofits, which they say are bogged down by bureaucracy and red tape, and that they believe exclude people who don’t fit their specific requirements for aid.

Because the state’s searchable central records system excludes justice courts, we had to collect and analyze the data ourselves through web scraping and public records requests.

Only people who purchased them from an official retailer—that excludes eBay-style secondhand resellers—are eligible.

If he does not inhibit or exclude from his mind the word “Petition” he can make no advance.