Blacklist [verb]

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To attain their end these associations made liberal use of the lockout, the blacklist, and armed guards and detectives.

Great Britain's regulations on the blacklist and "bunker coal" had intensified this feeling.

But three more girls went down on the blacklist, and the plebes' triumph was yet greater.

The purpose of the "blacklist" was to strike at neutral firms with German affiliations which were trading with Germany.

I saw men who felt vexed at such an act as the blacklist, but that was merely vexation, not a fundamental change of feeling.

The difficult problem of course was the blacklist and bunkering agreement, but I think we are by that.

You shall divide my bundles among you and of course those who are on the blacklist will get the heaviest share.

Moreover, the Union, it was hinted, would probably blacklist the "Clarion" officially.

The blacklist was the last straw which provoked the retaliatory legislation.

Now seeing that we were on the blacklist, the crowd gathered round and jostled us fiercely.