Interdict [verb]

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Excommunications were again hurled at Bruce and his bishops, and Scotland was laid under ecclesiastical interdict.

The Interdict included you with Mordred; it is not to be removed while you remain alive.

Mordred attacked; the Bishop of Canterbury dropped down on him with the Interdict.

We imagined we had educated it out of them; they thought so, too; the Interdict woke them up like a thunderclap!

Is reason so largely developed in the great mass of men that the priests should interdict its use as dangerous?

If you want to make a man a bad companion, interdict altogether the topic that happens to interest him.

Yet it would appear that these various bulls threatening an interdict did not receive a welcome from any quarter.

Now he avoided vegetables as poison—and now he submitted with a sigh to the doctor's interdict of his cigar.

After his death, however, the interdict was not removed from Germany, and the resistance of Louis and his theologians continued.

The sixty-four Reformers were then promptly driven into jail, and their property placed under an interdict.