Outlaw [noun]

Definition of Outlaw:

person who is running from the law

Synonyms of Outlaw:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outlaw:



Sentence/Example of Outlaw:

The words of the outlaw had struck something in him that was like metal chiming on metal.

And that minute he turned me from a scared kid into an outlaw—a killer.

The friends of the outlaw made a last effort to bring about an accommodation.

He was severely blamed in the press for parleying with an outlaw.

Perhaps the outlaw realized at last how severely he had tried his friends' patience.

Photographs of the outlaw were obtained and distributed among the men.

I am an outlaw, and get my living by hook and by crook in a manner it boots not now to tell of.

To deny that he had come to arrest the outlaw was so pitifully futile.

Had he heard from some stray Indian that Spurling was an outlaw, with a price upon his head?

He was, when all is said, an escaped slave, an outlaw in his own land and a homeless outcast in any other.