Hoodlum [noun]

Definition of Hoodlum:


Synonyms of Hoodlum:

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Sentence/Example of Hoodlum:

Truth is, this drink-crazed madman was a hoodlum gunman from Chicago or Saint Louis, that had lost his nerve.

And so the Elks, for whom the former hoodlum of Barrel Alley had striven and worked and planned, became a complete patrol at last.

He turned a corner and came to a short, heavy hoodlum backing out of a small liquor store with a knife in throwing position.

An egg-sized rock hit the truck behind him and bounced back, just as he spotted a hoodlum drawing back a sling for a second shot.

Gordon got his head up just in time to see a man in police uniform kick aside the first hoodlum and lunge for the other.

He stripped out the money—and finally put half of it back into the wallet and dropped it beside the hoodlum.

One hoodlum left the ranks and started off toward the barracks-room.

The hoodlum element was there, of course, but it was not the leading element.

Displaced by Italians and Slavs, many of the young men have fallen into the hoodlum and criminal element.

In all instances he stated that these acts had been committed by boys or youths belonging to the hoodlum element.