Thug [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Thug:

I'm going to catch this thug and I'll tell you how I'll do it.

His fist hit the thug in the elbow, just as the man's hand reached for his knife.

About every day I have to send for the sheriff and have some thug arrested.

Of course it seemed ridiculous that a Thug should strangle the old man.

He had changed from a thug into a determined, ambitious man.

And yet one of these people is a Thug and the other a mother of Thugs!

Some of the Thug leaders of Oude were noted for their successful careers.

It may be that the leader is neither thief nor thug, but ambitious.

That villa was the one thing needed when the thug made a bee-line for the farm.

If it had not been written, should I have ever become a Thug?