Criminal [adjective]

Definition of Criminal:

lawless, felonious

Synonyms of Criminal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Criminal:

Sentence/Example of Criminal:

The mayor wants to change that — by ensuring tickets go to the Superior Court’s traffic and minor offense division rather than the criminal division, where there’s been a backlog of cases and the burden of proof is higher.

It is still illegal to use marijuana under federal law, but nearly a third of all states have eased the criminal consequences for its recreational use.

Many thieves use the same flatbed trucks and forklifts to steal hives that apiaries use to transport them—leading to the inescapable conclusion that the criminals looking to make a quick buck are often insiders.

The letter also notes under Maryland’s current criminal law, discovery of a spouse having sex with another person is similarly “inadequate provocation” for violence.

“It can potentially lead to corruption,” said Giuseppe Fazari, professor of criminal justice at Seton Hall University.

Larson pressured her to send compromising photographs to an offshore website he administered, according to the federal criminal complaint.

After the alleged assault, Salsman told her “not to breathe a word to anyone, or he would ruin her life,” the criminal complaint said.

This is a very dangerous situation, and we have to remember that we will be going after these violent criminals.

Her trial became one of the longest in Los Angeles’ criminal court history.

Adan’s criminal act sets off a chain of consequences that are devastating for all involved.