Iniquitous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Iniquitous:

Besides, the law might be against me—Scotland's iniquitous law; but in Heaven's sight Maude was my wife, not the other.

This iniquitous and anti-christian enactment has been carried into effect in several instances.

No more will ladies comin' into this counthry have to conceal curling stones in their stockin's to avoid th' iniquitous customs.

The distinctive trait of civilized man is to obey what the majority of men regard as iniquitous, contrary to conscience.

The iniquitous devices having failed, Herbert did not dare to take away his life.

If he really considered the conduct or result of the trial iniquitous, it is a pity he was not more prompt in denouncing it.

At the high throne of God thou for sinners dost plead Who forgives for thy sake each iniquitous deed.

Then, to punish both bribe-giver and bribe-taker in the same way is to throw a guard about the iniquitous transaction.

The suggestion was so calmly made and reasoned on that it seemed impossible that it could be as iniquitous as it appeared.

I would sooner throw up my commission than lend myself in any way to a proceeding so iniquitous.