Heavy [adjective]

Definition of Heavy:

having great weight

Opposite/Antonyms of Heavy:

Sentence/Example of Heavy:

On heavier, more powerful machines, good tires are even more important, as they let you access more of the ATV’s power.

Please note this is a heavy item at approximately 47 pounds.

Smooth binding and rounded corners keep this notebook sturdy after heavy use.

Tech always carries a heavy weight, but that increases markedly when investors bid shares up.

She endorsed Medicare-for-all and a Green New Deal, suggesting that a suburb-heavy state that has trended toward Democrats could have more liberal representation in Washington.

The Nasdaq 100 is off 11%, after investors questioned whether a rally in the tech-heavy gauge might be too frothy.

Lahart points out that Facebook and Twitter are still the heavy hitters when it comes to reach, scale and driving the most subscribers.

There’s some level of risk that all football players are comfortable with, and Covid I’m not sure tilts that risk for most players in a heavy enough direction.

Picking up and putting down canoes and heavy packs are the hardest parts of the portage.

Long accustomed to taking a light touch, major tech platforms are starting to adopt a more heavy-handed approach to trying to squelch the worst of the fringes.