Weighted [adjective]

Definition of Weighted:

not clean mentally, physically; mixed

Synonyms of Weighted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Weighted:

Sentence/Example of Weighted:

Tired and weighted, she dared not try the leap; she skirted around.

When using a weighted tiller the weight should be put in a midway position.

It is then strongly pressed and weighted, and wooden skewers are placed round the cheese, which are frequently drawn out.

The horse stopped suddenly, as if a weighted rein had been dropped.

It's weighted me down, made an old man of me before my time.

When he raised his head, up came the lock, weighted heavily with silver.

It was rather tremendous, his deep voice, his weighted words.

A world that was snowbound, weighted and blanketed with a mantle of white.

The silken thinness of her gown was weighted with silver embroideries.

From one of them would hang a weighted string on that night.