Grubby [adjective]

Definition of Grubby:

dirty, disheveled

Synonyms of Grubby:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grubby:

Sentence/Example of Grubby:

From the outside, VertiVegies looked like a handful of grubby shipping containers put side by side and drilled together.

The cleaner-by-the-day will do the grubby things and I shall like it.

(p. 107) It was a grubby farm with not much water, but we made the best of it, and settled down for the night.

Open the bag, and turn the contents out in the lap of the dark-colored robe, grubby hands poking.

Cross the Rockies to Vancouver, and you're back among dirty walls, grubby furniture, and inadequate literature again.

It was some grubby affair that made me thank God for the sunlight.

He had gone abroad and was never coming back again, not if he knew it, said the grubby man.

Those grubby little children in the Square would, she knew, have been "there" in a moment.

At that Henrietta stooped and caught up dirt in each grubby hand.

And, goodness knows, you've had enough to knock you out and to make you think all sorts of grubby thoughts.