Mucky [adjective]

Definition of Mucky:


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Sentence/Example of Mucky:

He dug a hole in the mucky, black sand, and Harry did likewise.

He was somewhere between the surface of the water and the mucky bottom.

"Clyde's mucky old bags can stay there till I'm ready," I says.

When it was almost as deep as his boot tops he got stuck in the oozy, mucky mud.

Trees, for the orchard, should never be grown upon a mucky or peaty soil.

She had stepped in one mucky spot and left a sharp impression.

Anyway, not mucky stories about a handsome stranger coming along just because a girl's car busts down.

Pete's shins slammed against it, then he dropped on it and plowed up the mucky soil with the top of his head.

This style spade was invented around 1895 and was widely used for digging trenches for drain tiles on sticky or mucky soil.

She consented; and she even brought me a clean towel to spread over my dress, “lest,” as she said, “I should mucky it.”