Slovenly [adjective]

Definition of Slovenly:

dirty, disordered

Synonyms of Slovenly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slovenly:

Sentence/Example of Slovenly:

Yes, you've taken to mucking your work—doing it in a most slovenly way.

She was directed by a slovenly maid to a room on an upper floor, and left there.

Careless, slovenly and wasteful as I knew him to be, he was not mean.

It is a grievous thing to note how slovenly this part of the service is in some places.

He lived in a large, stone house, kept in rather a slovenly manner.

"No, I'll go out after that kicker," he said, ashamed of his slovenly work.

There was already a look of slovenly age about his stooping bookworm's gait.

It was a slovenly word, a makeshift for the hard broom of clean thought.

Earth dirt he had no objection to; slovenly dirt was as abhorrent to him as vice.

In dress, although far from slovenly, he was by no means particular.